Kariba graphic novel

About Kariba

As a step towards developing the feature film script, the Blue Forest team, led by artist Daniel Clarke, decided to raise funds for a graphic novel via a month-long campaign on the international crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. 

The project was successfully funded on the 1st of March 2016.

Set in Zimbabwe, KARIBA interweaves history and mythology through an imaginative retelling of the embattled construction of the Kariba dam in the 1950s.

Originally conceived as a 2D-animated feature film, KARIBA first drew attention when the team released a teaser trailer for the property in April 2015.

KARIBA is a fantasy-adventure graphic novel inspired by the mythology and history surrounding the construction of one of the largest dams ever built in southern Africa. The graphic novel will be drawn by Daniel Clarke and co-written with his brother James.

The graphic novel was released in April 2018.


Watch the Kariba Teaser Trailer

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